Graduate Students

  • Jhon Portella ( joined ECLL in January 2022 as a Ph.D. pre-candidate. His research is focused on the design and analysis of nonlinear control techniques, including backstepping, feedback linearization, and differential flatness-based control. Jhon received a master’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Melbourne in 2016 and a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering from PUCP in 2012.
  • Parham Oveissi ( joined ECLL in August 2022 and is a Ph.D. pre-candidate. Parham’s research is focused on designing and implementing adaptive control algorithms for high-dimensional and nonlinear flow control problems. Parham received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology in 2022.
  • Mohammad Mirtaba ( will join ECLL in Fall 2023 as a Ph.D. pre-candidate.

Undergraduate Students

  • Rock Elgharably (
  • Thi Le (
  • Daniel Farley (
  • Christopher Appiah (
  • Oritseneye Mebaghanje (
  • Talal Nadeem (
  • Turibius Rozario ( – Turibius is a sophomore, a Meyerhoff scholar, as well as ECLL’s resident Python and machine learning expert. His research is focused on investigating the theoretical properties of neural networks using extensive numerical experiments.
  • Nolan Smith ( – Nolan is a junior and ECLL’s resident drone pilot. Nolan builds and flies drones and is in charge of lab safety.
  • Jacob Lombardo ( – Jacob is a junior designing and developing a camera system with precise motion control. Jacob is co-advised by Prof. Liang Zhu.


  • Arjun Trivedi ( – Arjun joined ECLL in January 2022, where he worked on adaptive control algorithm integration in a CFD code as well as theoretical analysis of neural networks and contributed to two conference papers during his short stint at ECLL. Arjun is currently at APL.
  • Julia Michaelson – Julia worked on the design of a hybrid linear controller for the inverted pendulum problem. Julia is currently at APL.
  • Bryan Chris Ngnaguepa (, Ian-Gaïc Nana Nzouakeu ( – Bryan and Ian helped build the indoor flying enclosure and set up the lighthouse positioning system to fly the crazyflie drone in ECLL.
  • Paul Tsai – Paul joined ECLL in the summer of 2022 and is a research assistant. Paul investigated the effect of time separation in the multi-loop control systems used in UAV autopilots.